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Carpentry key words starting with A

Cambridge Regional College


BEVEL The sashes of a window frame.
BALUSTRADE The highest point of a pitched roof.
BARGE BOARD Damage to timber in machine planing caused by poor chip clearance.
BALUSTERS A "V" cut at the foot of rafters that fits over the wall plate.
BARE-FACED TENON Bannisters on a staircase.
BRUISING Grooves or clearances to protect ingress of water through exterior frames.
CASEMENT A 45 degree bevel taken around edges of a piece of joinery as a feature.
CHAMFER A cover board for the rafters on the end of a gable roof.
CAPILLARY GROOVE Finishing around a frame to cover gap between frame and wall.
BRITISH STANDARD An angle above 30 degrees.
ARRIS The complete assembly of a handrail and balusters.
BIRDSMOUTH An upwards curve.
BRIDLE JOINT A tenon with only one shoulder.
BORROWED LIGHT A sharp edge.
APEX Reverse mortice and tenon.
ARCHITRAVES Although not a statutory document these are constantly referred to as a minimum standard method of design and installation practice.
CAMBER The base member of a frame.
CILL A glassed area above a frame to provide natural light from another room.

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