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chess - the game

j. kelly

Chess, a game for everyone

opening ultimate goal
algebraic notation all powerful
shahmat the boy from Brooklyn (two words five and six)
jadoube they can leap over obstacles
chessboard 4 sides in India
Bobby Fischer codes for squares (two words, nine and eight)
rankandfile the battlefield
lawn mower attack the king
Garry Kasparov building technique
stalemate World champ
bishop the king is dead
chaturanga v.i.ps.(two words five and seven)
heavy brigade sneaky attack
pin lots of pieces (two words, five and seven)
castling Ancient country
checkmate foot soldiers
pawns defeat a possibility
Persia diagonl mover
light brigade don't touch (two words, oneand six)
queen rows of squares
zugzwang no winners
fork cut the grass (two words, four and five)
knights two-pronged attack
check first phase

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