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Chess Education

Douglas Bellizzi

Chess Crossword Puzzle

CASTLING An American statesman and inventor who liked to play chess.
RESIGN To exile a piece from the board.
THINK Plan! Plan! Plan! Always plan!
VERTICAL Neither rank, file nor diagonal can stop her.
BISHOP Bishops love these.
DIAGONALS The file's direction, up or down.
CAPTURE Rooks move along these too!
CHECK Moves horizontally and vertically only.
KING Watch out for the safety of your pieces.
QUEEN The person on the other side.
WHITE He can never move into check.
SQUARE A chess team of 16 pieces.
CHECKMATE One that travels on a slant.
FILE In line for a promotion, sometimes.
BLACK Plays the first move.
TACTICS Helps to make the king safe.
FRANKLIN Moves that help your strategy.
CHESSBOARD The field of battle.
ATTACK To reward a deserving pawn.
STRATEGY Chess was first played here.
CHESS In this, no one wins, but no one loses.
ROOK Good to do before moving or capturing.
RANKS Like a rank, a side to side row.
HORIZONTAL You can't win if you do this!
OPPONENT Be careful Mr. King!
KNIGHT A rook can move along this.
DRAW Sorry, your majesty!
PROMOTE A sport for the mind.
DEFEND He likes to horse around.
INDIA Only do this if your king is safe.
PAWN There are sixty-four of these, some light, some dark.

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