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comic books

johnny storm

Let see how well you know your favorite comic books.

Gotham City Cyclop's younger brother
Magneto lord of magnetism
Galactus Ben Grimm's famous words
Flash Superman's powers are based from ____
Krypton Wonder Woman's main weapon
Sentinels the Dark Knight's alter ego
Snikt "Who's invisible jet is that parked on the front yard?"
Green Lantern Batman's 'hood
Blade All he needs is a ring
Skull the xmen for example
Pheonix Part one of Uncle Ben's last words
Havoc Indestructable alloy found in Wolverine
Gambit Alien orphan
Sun once he starts he can't be stop
Superman Exploded killing all inhabitants except one baby
Bruce Wayne Radiation that forever changed Bruce Banner's life
Lex Luther Part two of Uncle Ben's last words
Flame on Human Torch's famous words
Marvel The fastest man on earth
Wonder Woman Sold his soul to the devil
Juggernaut DC comic's rival
Its Clobbering time 1999 movie character played by Wesley Snipes
Batman clone of the man called Cable
Comes Great Responsibility Led the Marauders into the Morlock tunnel
Stryfe a cosmic entity responsible for the destruction of several solar systems
Mutants known as the consumer of the worlds
Ghost Rider Wolverine's claws
Fantastic Four 20 foot robots bent on the death of mutants
Adamantium The first family of comics
Lasso of Truth The symbol found on the Punisher's chest
With Great Power Billion dollar adversary of Superman
Gamma Ray The Dark Knight

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