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Film Literature

Ruth S. Willis

overview of films taught in high school film lit class

Chicago Bertolucci directs Liv Tyler
The Godfather Bob Fosse musical
Singin in the Rain Welcome to the Bates Motel
The Blues Brothers gopher and Bill Murray
Tootsie Disney's vignettes
Rashomon Bergman and Bogart
Some Like it Hot honor, duty, obligation-Tom Cruise
The Maltese Falcon "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."
Munchausen Orson Welles
Caddyshack "Here's to you Mrs. Robinson"
The Great Santini "Mission from God"
Stealing Beauty Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds
Schindler's List set in Beaufort
Psycho crossdressers, Marilyn Monroe
Casablanca Spielberg's Holocaust statement
The Graduate Hoffman as a crossdresser
Gone with the Wind Kurosawa and pts. of view
The Last Samurai Bogart film noir
Chinatown corruption in L.A.
Citizen Kane "Make me an offer I can't refuse."
Fantasia difficult plot, fantasic make-up

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