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Geocaching Test

Mrs. McGuire

Geocaching Quiz

micro A series of caches in which each cache provides coordinates to the next subsequent cache (typically a micro) in the series and eventually to a regular cache container.
nano are numbers that represent intersecting lines of latitude and longitude - which identify specific points on the earth.
CITO Angular distance on the earth's surface, measured east or west from the prime meridian
Geo a non geocacher
GPS outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS
Waypoint Global Positioning System
Satellites is small cache, usually only a logbook
Muggle is an item that is placed in a cache, and has instructions to travel to other caches.
Travel Bug GPS uses these
cache earth, geography
Geocaching the smallest cache
Latitude When out geocaching, take a bag with you and pick up trash along the way! Refers to an ethic whereby cachers try and leave an area in better shape than they found it by picking up any trash they encounter after finding a cache.
caching Latitude and Longitude create this
Multi-cache it is a hidden container filled with a log book and pencil/pen, and possibly prizes
Coordinates angular distance north or south from the earth's equator
Longitude hidding a cache

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