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Lumber and Building Materials

Rocco Simari

A collection of items from our Lumber and Building Department

suspendedceiling rain water deverter
plywood tool for shaping cement
cement original size
sheathing 3 1/2" concrete filled post,
quicktube vertical rain carrier
lumber pink energy saver
mud sand and cement
plaster property divider
trowel cement board
cinderblock metal connectors.
lallycolumn 1/2" CDX, 7/16" Aspenite, barnboard
concrete skim coat over blueboard
coldpatch red masonry product
ridgevent finished size
roofing another word for joint compound
drywall roof venting system.
brick metal edger for roofs.
cornerbead interior plaster board
grid metal sheet used between roofing and siding
fencing top protector
actual tar product
joisthangers sand, gravel, and cement mix
dripedge odd layered veneered manufactured board
sandmix drywall corner enforcer.
insulation panel ceiling cover.
nominal tubular concrete form
siding a method of joinery.
flashing another word for wood
permabase exterior floor boards
pressuretreated ship-lap, vinyl, clapboards, shakes
gutter PT lumber.
downspout portland _________
decking 8X8X16 cement block
toungeandgroove ceiling system for hanging panels

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