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Webster V. Bear

No description

Elephant Liberty Bell is found here
Monticello Tenth part, tithe
Mercury Large African Mammal
Collector An alloy
Franklin Breed of horse
Rare Study and collection of coins
Arrows Reddish metallic element
Shoshone An official who collects funds
Barber A small metal disc
Grade Lewis and Clark Guide
Morgan Roman God of commerce
Liberty State famous for apples
Silver To give a resistant quality to
Planchet April 13 is a holiday in Alabama in honor of him
Roosevelt Defend
Error A bundle of rods
Jefferson A precious metal
Dime Symbol,emblem
Numismatics Made by a Fletcher
Shilling A toy is named for him
Bronze An alloy
Eagle A mistake
Token A sailor�s leave
Indian Cuts hair
Philadelphia A metal heating stove
Sacagawea Strip,Empty
Coin To trade by exchange
Steel President during the Bay of Pigs
Washington Degree of inclination
Gold Issues were raised about his initials
Proof Lightly cooked
Fasces Praiseworthy Character
Shield Indian tribe
Kennedy An alloy
Good Jefferson�s home
Brenner American wild ox
Barter Semi Precious Metal
Copper Create,Invent
Clean A native American
Buffalo A former monetary unit of the United Kingdom
Quarter To provide with lodging
Nickel Large,talloned bird

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