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Photography Vocabulary

Stephanie Cook

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depthoffield created the collodian wet plate
elements known for his photographs of Civil War battlefields
talbotype taking the same subject several times by doubling and halving the exposure to ensure a good print
shutterspeed a lens for close-up work
emulsion the size of the lens opening
life the opening of a camera lens that is expressed in F numbers
lecia a lgiht sensitive solution that is transferred to paper or film
collodianwetplate introduced the first camera to use 35mm film
freelance composition is the arrangement of visual _______
margaretbourkewhite the darkroom process of holding back light to make an area lighter
reflexcamera Lewin Hine's favorite subject to photograph
archer founding member of the Photo Sucession who promoted "straight" photography
aperature a subject's _______ is emphasized by allowing the subject to blur
movement camera invented by George Eastman
panning swinging the camera horizontally as the photo is exposed, causing a moving object to "stop" while blurring the background
cartedevisite magazine that introduced photojournalism
fixer the first photographic process to be developed outside of a lab
alfredstigelitz this type of photographer shoots subjects s/he is interested in then tries to sell the prints
niepce this type of photographer is hired to shoot specific subjects and recieves a regular salary
tripod the degree of sharpness of a photograph in front or in back of the area focused on
matthewbrady the amount of time a shutter is open
lens literally means "dark room"
cameraobscura female photographer who was one of Life magazine's original staff photographers
fstop inexpensive prints of local attractions available for tourists to purchase
children a three-legged adjustable stand that screws into the bottom of a camera to hold is steady
zoopraxiscope the chemical used in developing that makes an image permanent
daguerrotype created a high quality image with multiple copies
stopaction through a system of mirrors the image is reflected on a round class screen
kodak a mechanical device that exposes the film for a desired time period
contactprinting when a fast moving object is captured by a fast shutter speed so the object seems to be still
precisionism he created the world's first photographic image
bracketing a device which produced a series of images of a moving subject
staff a "school" of photography that recorded factories, machinery, and other unromantic subjects
shutterrelease the camera's eye is its _______
macrolens another name for the calotype, invented by Talbot

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