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Basic Photography

Todd Adams

Terminology of Basic Black/White Photography vocabulary

base when developing or printing, one should be deliberate and doing things in ___________ order
cam shaft light metering process at the subject pointing towards camera
iso one of the elements of art that seems
reversed color of developer tongs
seventy percent same name as aperture
f-stop to reduce light from a specific area
blue invisible image after exposure before developing
COGS chemical to make B/W film developer
negative carrier is a method to shoot photography with more appealing results
bulb can be set on the camera for basically unlimited shutter time results
passion element of art leading the viewers eye to certain places within the image
silver halide crystals second reason why businesses fail
ISO tool to focus image onto print easle
test strip filter to protect lens from getting scratched
D76 filters used during Black/white printing to increase contrast
dx device on camera that lets a prescribed amount of light through the lens
dektol contained in stop bath
VC shaft with flange portion down inside developing tank
hypocheck used to determine proper print exposure
reflective curved side of film; glossy; side remains up
football pose the natural light at the subject's environment
base distracts when spilled onto the subject
chronological color of fixer tongs
texture color of stop bath tongs
red to cut-out a portion of the image while printing
fixer avoid this pose when shooting portraits
t-max the chemical to determine if the fixer is exhausted
fixer element of art that has a distinct form
yellow percent of people driving to work each day who dislike their job
customer service setting on shutter which can be set at any time length
incident an 8x10 which reflects all the negatives images
sun bleed second principle of change
asymmetrical the color stop bath changes to when exhausted
symmetrical organization responsible to establish standards for certain industries like photography
contact sheet image which is balanced within itself
focusing aid side towards print paper; do not scratch; contains image
ambient an attribute that everyone should aspire to act in life towards others
occurs 95% businesses fail in the first 5-years because of poor ________
organization an attribute required to be successful as a pro photographer
acetic acid contained in color developing chemicals; C-41 process
carcinogins when sensitived to light and after developed forms a reversed image
reciprocity failure glossy side of film
emulsion side of film towards the lens or print paper
cropping beyond the limits of film
lines one of the five dominant elements: could be color tones or subject matter
aperture chemical that stops the developing process
emulsion image which is not balanced within itself
professional imprinted on film canister which when read by camera sets the ISO automatically
latent image first principle of change
rule of thirds chemical to make B/W developer solution
focusing aide light metering process through the camera
bulb international standards organization which controls film speed
anticipate stands for Cost of Goods Sold
purple chemical that is never tossed down the drain due to heavy silver contents
tri-x tool that focus the image on the print easle
stop bath device that sandwiches the negative inside the enlarger
dodging 400 ISO film; used for low light shooting environments
shape if the film was placed in the negative carried with base towards print paper
haze filter 100 or 400 ISO film; good contrast tones; solid
contrast removes unexposed silver halide crystals

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