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Photography I Quiz

Mrs. Sperry

Using your photography vocabulary, find the solutions to the following crossword clues.

five direct printing process
Dektol process of attaching photo to mat board using press
Tack Iron print made by placing negative face down on photo paper
DarkRoom solution used to make photographs permanent, 3rd tray in darkroom
White Light difference in darkness or density between one tone and another
mat board hot tool used to initially tack adhesive to photo
thirty seconds candles, sun, electric lights
Emulsion letting light fall on light sensitive paper
Positive to trim a photograph to make it more visually pleasing
Photography print made from direct printing method
Enlarger light sensitive coated paper used in photographic processes
Photo Paper coating on photo paper, shiny or matte
Photogram red or amber light used in darkroom
Contact Printer glass plates placed under enlarger, holds photo paper
Fixer amount of time photos stay in Stop Bath
Exposure light tight box used to protect photo paper
Contrast means light writing
StopBath optical instrument used as a light source when enlarging photographs
Chemistry number of minutes photos stay in Developer
Crop room equipped with red safe lights but no white light
Water rigid board to which photos are attached for display
Dry Mount chemicals for developing film
Paper Safe acid based solution used to stop developing, 2nd tray in darkroom
Safelight developer used in darkroom
Negatve number of minutes photos stay in Fixer
one used to clean residue from prints, 4th tray in darkroom

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