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Photography Vocab

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Worms Eye Arranging the photograph into 3 sections
Framing Extra detail in a photograph. Showing the feel/surface of something
Complexity Viewing the image from a very high vantage point. Makes the subject appear smaller.
Balance The variation between the highlights and lowlights
Developer A large amount of detail/information in a photograph.
Motion The liquid used to bring up your image on the photographic paper
Aperture This controls both the depth of field and the exposure
Shutter Parts of the photograph used to guide you to the point of focus
Cropping What is in the photograph?
LeadingLines Movement in a photograph
Contrast Repetition of the same object in an image
Simplicity Moving the developer tank in order to help the film develop properly
PointOfInterest The equipment used to project your images on your negative onto the paper
Camera Reducing the amount of clutter around the point of focus.
Subject Viewing the image from a very low vantage point. Makes the subject appear larger.
Colour Selecting a specific part of the image and discarding the rest.
Composition Where you develop your photographs
DepthOfField One of the camera parts which control the amount of light let in
Agitation Helps to make make the image more vibrant/moody
Texture The print you develop with a small version of all of your photographs
Exposure Generating a sharp image
Contact The perspective in which you view the subject
CloseUp Asymmetrical or Symmetrical
Birds Eye The amount of light allowed through the camera onto the film
DarkRoom Choosing which part of the photograph will be in focus
Focus Using part of the subject matter to surround the centre of interest
Rhythm Distance from the subject. Showing more detail
Angle The object used to capture the image
Enlarger The area which the photographer wishes the viewer to concentrate on
Division of Thirds How the photographer chooses to arrange the image

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