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Crazy for quilting


crossword for quilters

batik 3rd layer of a quilt
In the ditch popular '20s
Wonder Under a style of stitching which lies almost in the seams of a block or at the very edge of the applique area
broadcloth a type of quilt made by a group of friends for one person
block design of a girl with a "hat" hiding her face
Grain the lengthwise and crosswise threads of a woven fabric
calico the design element, image or drawing used on a quilt block
backing cross between a sleeping bag, quilt and pillow
Kente a cotton fabric which is printed with small repeated design
Quillow a cotton fabric popular in solid colors for quilting
Friendship method where some areas are covered with wax to keep dyes from penetrating patterned area
fat quarter a piece of fabric made by cutting a half yard in half again vertically
sunbonnet sue basic unit of a quilt top, usually square
redwork a type of ceremonial cloth from Africa
motif a type of iron-on fusible interfacing that helps support fabric

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