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Nancy Brenan Daniel

Quilting Terms and Patterns

ply Stash busters
fabric Quilt layers
Ohiostar '_____trick'
sandwich A kind of triangle
grainline A Guide
north protection
needle For stitch removal
thread Warm and Fuzzy
hand '_______window'
Irishchain Uses a 60 degree diamond
featheredstar Flame pattern
isosceles Half a square
batting Three dimensional fabric circle
stash security
attic Keep them sharp
bow keep them organized
yoyo Thickness of batting
scissors Like a child's toy
ninepatch Rough area on a needle
sunbonnet It's Hurricane season
pincushion a heavenly sight
ruler Fabric in its raw state
Pinwheel A single strand of fiber
seamripper Makes things faster
mat Cutting guide
Sewingmachine Straight
triangle Learners block
bargello A_____in time
greigegoods Something applied
loft '_________geese'
scrapquilts Pilgrims Progress design
card The feel of fabric
dectablemountains Get the point
Storm at Sea cotton, polyester,silk
hexagon Never enough and too much
rotarycutter Think St. Patrick's Day
scraps Part of your stash
shoo '____fly'
trip Use 'em up
stitch Lincoln logs
bobbin Singer
burr '_______the world'
template '___tie'
applique '____wind'
pin Keep them filled up
flying '__________sue'
logcabin Buckeye block

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