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Quilter's Dream

Aleeda Crawley

A puzzle of quilty people,places and things

WOF Lap quilting expert
drunkard's path Fabric cutting direction
bias Quilting duo
Arts Strips between blocks
Hawaiian Applique method
Miller Round-shaped scissor
lengthwise Colorful thread
Northern Star Famous african american quilter
label Human-powered sewing machine
Anderson Popular quilt yardage
Electric Quilts Final task on a quilt
Paducah Filling for quilts
sashing Panamanian quilting style
UFOs Quilting program for PC
flying Curved block
Houston Beginner block
Jane Needles used for quilting
rotary cutter Michael ______ fabrics
basting Challenging block
wedding ring Standard quilt seam
guild Host guild for Somers show
backing Dear ____
Burns Island quilting style
batiks ____ Bend, AL
Bonesteel _________ geese
betweens Temporary stitches
binding Site of the Intl Quilt Festival
variegated Some Indonesian fabrics
Powers Quilt in A Day founder
quarter inch How a quilt is hung
cotton Fabric acquisition trip
mat Group of artisans
shop hop Unseen side of quilt (usually)
mariner's compass Fabric decoration (Fr.)
Batting Quilting _____ magazine
nine patch Missing phrase2 - 14
applique Simply Quilts host
Gees Cutting surface
four patch Fabric cutting direction
sashiko AQS host city
treadle Fabric cutting direction
Log Cabin final edge of quilt
Fons and Porter Abandoned projects
sleeve Japanese quilting style
fat quarter Favorite quilt fabric
mola Syrup or block
needleturn Beginner block

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