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Rifle class #1

Bill McElfresh

Basic rifle nomenclature and marksmanship principles for the Juniors' shooting classes.

Chamber Where the bullet exits
Action Metal border around trigger
Muzzle Bullet travels through this
RearSight What you aim at
Trigger Where the cartridge goes
Squeeze You place your cheek on this
FrontSight 2nd component of basic marksmanship: Sight _____
Barrel The moving part of the rifle
Beyond Be aware of your target and what's _____
Loaded 1st component of basic marksmanship: Sight _____
Picture Aiming device closest to the shooter
Destroy 3rd component of basic marksmanship: Trigger _____
TriggerGuard Make sure the ____ of the rifle is forward of the edge of bench
Stock Treat every firearm as if it's _______
Butt Never let the muzzle point at anything you don't want to _____
Target Aiming device by the muzzle
Alignment Squeeze this to fire the rifle

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