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Scrapbooking 123


Puzzle on Scrapbooking

Trimmer Another way of making things adhere to the page
Cardstock This can give your pictures a 3D Effect
Adhesive Every scrapbooker must have one of these
Mats These help to place small embellishments
Scissors These help frame your photos
Crop A metal object used to enhance a page
Ribbon Something you use to enhance an album
Glue Stick Keeps fingerprints at bay
Journaling This can make a page look special
Brads A way to write down your memories
Creative Memories This makes things stick to your page
Pop Dots You can't scrapbook without these
Punches Your paper should always be this
Acid Free These come in many colors and textures
Embellishments This helps make precision cuts
Cricut You put your pages in this
Photographs This is heavier then regular paper
Page Protector The name of a scrapbook company
Scrapbook Something you can do with paper and photos
Organized Being this makes it more enjoyable to scrapbook
Tweezers You make shapes with these
Pen A machine for making diecuts
Exacto Knife What we call it when we get together to scrapbook
Stickers You use this to trip photos and paper
Power layout This CM product helps to organize your pages
Paper Your journal with one of these
Album You can never have too many of these

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