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Roy Ryan

Wood Safety

slow The planer handwheel raises and lowers the ___.
ripping The length of a board run across the jointer should be at least ___ inches.
jewelry Cutting a board across the face grain is called ___.
safety Make all ___ while the saw is stopped.
one-fourth Raise the table saw blade ____ inch above the wood.
clothing The rip ___ supports wood ripped on the table saw.
Immediately Stand to the ___ of the jointer while using it.
combination Never ___ into the planer.
crosscutting The ___ jointer table adjusts the depth of cut.
blade Tie back ___ hair.
in-feed The ___ jointer table is the same heigth as knives.
two Get ___ instructions before using a machine.
twelve A blade that will both crosscut and rip is called a ___ blade.
fence Cutting a board with the face grain is called ___.
reach The ___ grain is against the fence when edge jointing.
stand The RPM for large diameter drill bits on the drill press.
adjustments The width of a board run across the jointer should be at least ___ inches.
out-feed Use a push stick for ripping boards ___ inches or less.
setup Never ___ in line with a machine blade.
guards The maximum depth of cut on a jointer is ___ inch.
look ___ sawing is not allowed on the table saw.
table Never ___ over the table saw blade to get a board.
one-eighth ___ knots should not be run through the planer.
loose Be careful not to get it caught in spinning machine parts.
freehand Turn off a machine ___ if it sounds wrong.
face Keep all safety ___ in place on machines.
start The ___ gage supports wood crosscut on the table saw.
long Remove special ___ when finished using it.
six Remove all ___ before using a machine.
miter The ___ on the table saw can be tilted.
left Never ___ a machine for another student.

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