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Christmas Time Again

Lisa Marie

All the things around Christmas time.

rudolph you can put marshmellows in me
dasher I come once a year
snow I acn be fake or real
love a type of Christmas flower
snow flakes Christmas is the time of what
lights you haer these when Santa comes
icicles I'm a snow man
mistletoe We help Santa
vixen are red and white
grinch you spend alot of time with
presents we pull a sleigh
jackfrost go up every where
comet after donner
prancer you sit at the table to what together
stockings after prancer
decorations I lead the sleigh
food you kiss someone under me
candycane yeah! its my birthday
donner go on your house or tree
elves after comet
family go on the tree
Santa Clause after dasher
Christmas tree after cupid
Jesus Santa rides me
sleigh form when the wter drpping freezes
reindeer before dancer
sleighbells hang on the mantle
dancer after dancer
hot chocolate are under the tree
frosty can cut me out of paper
Mrs.Clause I also help Santa
cupid white and fluffy
ornaments after vixen
poinsetta I stole Christmas
blitzen you show this
giving I make it snow

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