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Claire Buysse

No description

Donner Sixth Reindeer
Prancer Also Helps Santa
Stockings The Season of _______
Breath Third Reindeer
Joyeux Noel You Can See Your ______ Outside
Snowflake Makes it Snow
Songs No ____________ is alike (its outside)
Make Its More Fun to ____ Gifts Than to Get Them
JackFrost Caught kissing Santa Claus
Halls Bad little boys get this
Carrot Merry Christmas in French
Coal You Get __________ on St. Nicks Day
Trim Help Santa
ClementClarkeMoore Means "thunder" in German
Dasher Its Christmas Around the _____
Joy First Reindeer
Elves Frosty the Snowman's Nose
Comet Wrote "The Night Before Christmas"
Candycanes Filled with Goodies
World Deck the ______
Family ____ the Tree
Feliz Navidad You Have to Shovel the ____ on the Driveway
Mrs.Claus You get these
Cupid You Listen to Christmas _____
Blitzen After Vixen
Giving You Share the ___ of Christmas
Mommy You Spend Time With Your ______
Presents Merry Christmas in Spanish
Snow Means "lightning" in German

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