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It's Christmas Time!!!

Kathy and Cindy

All things around Christmas time

MOMMY We help Santa
HOHOHO I form when dripping water freezes
CANDYCANES We are red and white
TWOFRONTTEETH Caught kissing Santa Clause
CHRISTMASTREE Yeah! it's my birhtday
TWICE You listen to me
VIXEN It came upon a ________ clear
SLIEGH No ______________ is alike
SANTA Santa rides me
STOCKINGS I come once a year
GIVETHANKS What you find under the tree
DASHER I could be filled with coal if you were bad
SNOW Im the 6th Reindeer
RUDOLPH On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me
MISTLETOE After Dancer
DECORATIONS On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me
LIGHTS I make it snow
FROSTY All i want for Christmas is my _______________
ICICLES I can be fake or real
DRUMMER What you put on your house and tree
SNOWFLAKE Santa checks his list _________
WHITE Im a snowman
ELVES Deck the __________
PRESENTS After Donner
JESUS You hear this when Santa comes
MIDNIGHT Christmas is a celebration of _____________
DENTIST You kiss someone under me
NOTHING What you do before you eat your Chrismas meal
HALLS _________Bells
PRANCER Bad little girls and boys get me
CARROT I'm the first Reindeer
JACKFROST The little _______ Boy
BLITZEN Rudolph's elf friend wanted to be a ____________
CAROLS Merry Christmas in Spanish
CUPID Christmas is a time for ____________
MISFIT I lead the sleigh
GIVING I'm dreaming of a ________ Christmas
FELIZNAVIDAD White and fluffy
SILVER The island of _______ Toys

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