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A Christmas Carol Act 1 scene 5

Jamie Hoek

This is a crossword for vocabulary from Act 1 scene 5 of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.

rakish ...until the master- passion, Gain, ________ you?
stagnant Four _____ travelers enter, singing a Christmas song...
aspirations askew, perhaps, or at a ______ angle.
dowerless I would suggest _____.
jocund Have I ever ______ release?
pardon Missing phrase2 - 8
doffed Wasn't I __________ there?
donned To be ________ in this place is, for me, unbearable!
sought He spent but a few _______.
engrosses Have I not seen yout nobler _______ fall off one by one,
pound ... can even I believe that you would choose a ________ girl...
rapt ______ a top a hopeful hairy head...
apprenticed ______ sir, but I believe that you've forgotten to say goodbye to my brother,
loon ______ now in honor of regret.

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