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Christmas Fun

Linda D.

Fun things related to Christmas

decorations A group of singers who sing Christmas tunes
Sleigh Candy that is red and white striped and tastes like peppermint
GingerbreadHouse What you use to "dress up the tree"
ChristmasTree A popular tune that rings in your ears at Christmastime
NativityScene The mean character that stole Christmas from Whoville
Grinch How Santa transports his toys
candycanes Jolly Old St. Nick
SantaClaus Where you find the toys after Santa has arrived.
Carolers Santa's helper
tinsle A silver threadlike decoration for the tree
mistletoe A setting that depicts the First Christmas
Reindeer If you stand under it, it is customary to receive a kiss
elf There are eight of these animals that pull Santa's Sleigh
JingleBells A house shaped decoration that is spicy and covered with candy and frosting

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