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Mr. Ernie

No description

Bat If a monster gets you, you:
Skeleton This after school care leader is called a "vampire"
Broom You say it to scare people
Ghosts Back from the dead
Treat Monsters are:
Dracula It hides under the bed
Mrernie when you get bad candy, you:
Monster Witches do things with it
Mummy Wolves do this at the moon
Scary They rot your theeth
Zombie It follows you during the day
Magic witches cook things in it
Die Trick or treaters wear these
Boo It holds your brain
Cauldron It flies around at night
Mask It is wrapped in bandages
Spell It only comes out during a full moon
Werewolf It has no insides
Costume He sucks your blood
Party Harry Potter casts these
Howl You wear it to trick or treat
Shadow There is almost always a cake
Sweets They haunt things
Skull Witches ride these
Trick Another name for candy

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