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Haunted Halloween Crossword


A small Halloween crossword

hell Used to protect fields
mummy Place where the dead are buried
werewolf A noisy spirit
greatpumpkin Where you go if you are evil
munsters A family who's son is a werewolf
graveyard An object used to control others
voodoodoll A spirit who lingers
scarecrow A place you go to get scared on Halloween
jackolantern Often found in Egyptian tombs
grimreaper Blood drinker
poltergeist What Charlie Brown waits for on Halloween
pentagram You carve this
zombie They're creepy and they're spooky
hauntedhouse What children do on Halloween
salem Best month to be scared
adamsfamily Living dead
trickortreat A five pointed star
ghost Wiccan Halloween
samhain A creature controlled by the moon
vampire Gathers the souls of the dead
october Town famous for burning witches

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