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No description

fog they fly and wooo
mummy you do this to your house
skulls they fly
spooky very dark out
Boo they have big nose and high heels
pumpkins scary
ghost you put them on
bones you can go in them on halloween
web you get them every halloween
die you say this to people on halloween
broom people say this on halloween
night you put people in this
potion they fly in the sky
moon peoples after lifes
goblin out at night
witch lifes over
candy made of bones
coffin you eat this on halloween
Candy corn you light them up
decorations you get it on halloween
cemetery very scary
Trick or Treat you can make this
bats somethings made of these
spiders graves are here
costume they are a head
haunted house they crawl
owl you fly on this
spirits comes out on halloween night
jack o lantern dead walking thing
skeleton spiders make them

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