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tami smith and mario perez

No description

cemetery im followed by black cats
hauntedhouse Im a killer doll
ghost bolt neck
thehauntedmansion the dead lives here
shadow R.L stine
pumpkin a movie with three witches( Bette Midler)
coffin evil furby
potions the living _________?
devil Death
costumes im red and evil
warlock I don't die
gremlin im all wrapped up in cloth
thehauntinghour i stay up and hoot at night
mummy evil wizard
goosebumps im white and good
angle now you see me now you dont
trickortreat who's that dark figure on the wall
cowboy yee ha
magic i hide under your bed
spider what we wear
frankenstein im a walking body of bones
skeleton walk inside this and scream in fright
boogyman I love blood
vampire im a creepy crawly
grimreaper eddie murphy plays in this disney film
owl a withches pet
monster where the dead sleeps
dead I live under your bed
chucky special powers
werewolf howls at the moon
zombie i mix these for spells
hocuspocus what time do ghosts and goblins come out to play
witch _____ ___ _____ smell my feet
blackcat carve a face in this and put a candle in it

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