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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


Let this crossword puzzle help you to remember the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Have Fun!

Mummy They're orange and fun to carve on Halloween.
Forest He is the man who chases after Mr. Crane the school teacher.
Spider The name of the town where Ichabod is the teacher.
Pumpkin Jack Skellington is one.
Treats A place where you can find tombstones and markers.
Ichabod She flies through the air with the greatest of ease on a broom.
Headlesshorseman What is the first name of the school teacher in Sleepy Hollow?
Witch Tasty candy that all kids like to get on Halloween.
Sleepyhollow He is an eight legged creepy crawler.
Bat Little fellow who is black and looks like a rat with wings.
Skeleton You might just find a bear or a witch hiding out here.
Graveyard This guy is all wrapped in white cloth, maybe he's Egyptian?

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