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Indonesian Greetings and Phrases

Ibu Lee

Use the clues to solve this crossword puzzle

Selamat siang Enjoy your meal!
Selamat makan Good bye (when someone is leaving).
Selamat sore Please
Selamat datang A greeting between 3pm and dark.
Sampai jumpa Enjoy your sleep.
Silakan Until we meet again.
Selamet tidur How are you?
Selamat pagi Very Well.
Apa kabar Good bye to the person who is staying.
Sampai nanti Merry Christmas
Terimah Kasih See you later
Selamat minum Enjoy your rest!
Selamat jalan Welcome!
Selamat tinggal Enjoy your drink!
Selamet Hari Natal You would say this when you are grateful.
Selamat istirahat You would say this when you wake up.
Baik sekali A greeting between 11am and 3 pm.

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