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Pak Guru

Indonesian Greetings and more: English clues, Indonesian answers

barupindah older brother / sister
boleh good night / sleep well
dia from where?
jakarta younger brother / sister
kakak there is / there are ; is / are
ada hey / wow / ouch!
di OK / that's fine / allowed
ini he, she, it / his, her, its
selamatpagi stay / live in
sayadari capital city of Indonesia
mau to (a place), go to
inisiapa want to drink
ke just moved
terimakasih in the city
mauminum you're welcome (response to thanks)
kembali good afternoon (3:00pm-6:00pm)
selamatmalam welcome
aduh good morning
kota want
halo I / my
mampir I'm from
rumah Mrs, Miss, Ms., Madam
dikota Mr, Sir
selamatsiang is there / are there?
dari yes, OK(?)
adik city
pak come over / drop in
selamatsore hello
saya thank you
tinggaldi invitation to do something
bu from
ada where?
ya capital city
ibu kota who is this?
yuk this is / this
selamattidur good evening / good night
selamatdatang in / at / to
mana good day / good afternoon (11:00am-3:00pm)
darimana home, house

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