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Indonesian: Introducing

namasaya in/at
salah chat
siapaitu true
tugas true or false
di stay/live where
mari task
jawa country south of Indonesia
benaratausalah talk together
bercakap-capak I come from (formal)
orang from where
sulawesi sumatra
kota let's talk together
berasaldari come from (formal)
sumatera capitol of Indonesia
jakarta let's chat
irianjaya my name is
australi kalimantan, borneo
tinggaldi stay/live in,at
ngobrol false
sekarang or
kenalkan introducing
maringobrol now
darimana previously, before
lombok person
pulau island
ini this is
langkah let's
dulu irian jaya
tinggal who is he/she
sayaberasaldari chapter, unit
tinggaldimana sulawesi
benar lombok
maribercakap-cakap from
bali java
dari stay/live
timur bali
atau (in,at) where
siapadia city
dimana who is that
kalimantan timor

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