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Interesting Facts About Italy

Meghan Mahoney

Below is a word bank to help you solve the puzzle. (You may leave spaces, when needed, between the words.)Mont Blanc, Pizza, Bologna, Palermo, Pisa, Genoa, Soccer, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Alps, Euro, Mount Etna, Mediterranean Sea, Arizona, Pasta, Apennines, Vatican City, Po River, Romulus, Christopher Columbus

Mont Blanc Italy's main spectator sport
Genoa The mountains that run the length of Italy (north to south)
Arizona The longest river in Italy
Vatican City He painted the Sistine Chapel
Leonardo da Vinci He painted the Mona Lisa
Euro A famous leaning tower on the westcoast of Italy
Mediterranean Sea The home of Europe's oldest university
Apennines Famous Italian explorer who discovered America
Alps The busiest port in Italy
pasta Famous food invented in Naples
Romulus Italian currency
soccer Capital of Sicily
Bologna A volcano near Sicily
Palermo The independent country in Italy where the Pope lives
Christopher Columbus The legendary founder of Rome
Pisa Body of water that surrounds Italy on three sides
Michelangelo Italy's tallest peak
pizza Italy is about the size of this American state
Mount Etna The tallest mountains of Italy; found in the northern part of the country
Po River Italy's national dish

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