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Revisione della famiglia e gli animali

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occhi family
sei Mother
divertente You have/ Do you have?
porcellino d'India also
figlia He/she is
biondi I have
madre cat
famiglia aunt
fratello male cousin
basso blonde
quanti eyes
il How many.....?
anche hazel
castani boring
zia daughter
una father
piccolo His/her name is
hai masculine THE
ha pet
e he/she has
topo feminine THE
gatto fun
cugino dog
cane green
si chiama brother
sorella tall
animale domestico black
verdi mouse
sono hair
neri masculine A/AN
capelli I am
Ho big
padre small
alto short
grande You are/ Are you..?
un Guinea Pig
noioso sister
la feminine A/AN

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