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Roman Crossword

Zach McCann

No description

Ptolemy Last Roman Emperor
Hannibal Jewish Savior
Claudius From the latin word Tribunus
Livy A four letter Country
The Tarquins Greek physician
Sicily A Government that the people control
Marc Antony Highest elected office
Gaius Gracchus The general body of Roman citizens
Marcus Aurelius Brother of Tiberus Gracchus
Julius Ceasar Octavian
Tiberus Gracchus Totalitarian leader
Scipio Two of the kings of Rome
Patricians One of Romes greatest generals
Republic First major Roman road
Romulus Group of elite families
Nero Roman Historian
Consuls Fourth Roman Emperor
Appian Way Roman Politician
Plebians One of the traditional founders of Rome
Dictator An island near France
Rome Roman general that defeated Hannibal
Tribunes Egyptian astronomer
Octavian Supporter of larger building projects
Messiah Brother of Gaius Gracchus
Galen Young soldier and general

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