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Ms.Vasallo's World History

Use your notes and book to complete this puzzle. Correct spelling is needed do answer correctly. Have fun reviewing!

Mediterranean 5,000 troops
Latifundia Wet paint on wet plaster
Italy God of the Seas
Polytheistic Sea of Roman Empire
macedonia God of War
Dictator Romes largest chariot race
Consuls Some one who works for free by force
Carthage Many Gods
Imperialism Modern day country where Rome was
Punic During war, ruled for 6 months
PaxRomana People of Ancient Rome that ruled early Romans
Plebeians Language spoken by Romans
Etruscans Represented Plebeians
Legion Working class of Rome
twelvetablets Upper class of Rome
Gladiator Roman Stadium for spectacles
Tribunes Roman plantations, Haciendas
Gaul Roman name for France
Republic ____ and ____; Senators and brothers who wanted to give
Veto To block a law
TiberiusandGaius Birth place of Alexander
Augustus Emperor where a stable rome exsisted
Empire Elected to give advice
Asia Minor Control over other people, goverments, etc
Fresco Capitla city of area conquered during the Punic wars
Slave Et tu Brutus; Killed in senate from fear fo being 1st king
Patricians Written law that gave plebeians chance to argue law
Latin Chief god of Romans
Poseidon Goverment where citizens rule
Mars Many Roman ideas are based on these people
CircusMaximus Roman Peace
Jupiter Modern day Turkey
Greeks Name of 3 wars won by Romans
Colosseum Goverment ruled by an Emperor
JuliusCaesar Rman fighters

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