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Imperfetto vs Passato Prossimo

Signora Switzer

Fill in the crossword with the correct form of the verb given. You only have to write the VERB.

eri She left
ogni He fell
abbiamo studiato We were falling asleep
nevicava We were studying
ci siamo addormentati You were sad
si e caduto We studied
e arrivata We used to eat
portavi You used to wear
giocavate I used to go
si sono fatti Always
e andato I was ___ years old
mentre They took a shower
si facevano They were sick
mangiavamo He ate
andavo Every
avevo It was snowing
stavano They were taking a shower
faceva When
ho comprato You all used to play (sports)
ci addormentavamo He went
e partita We fell asleep
studiavamo She arrived
ha mangiato I bought
quando It was cold
sempre While

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