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Japan Review Crossword

Social Studies 7

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dominoeffect Payments for damages during a war which the Japanese made to countries it conquered during WWII
commoner The .8% minority of Japan
Meijirestoration Way of the warrior, where a samurai was loyal to is lord above all.
daimyo Bombed 8/9/45 by US forces.
arrangedmarriages What a warrior would do if he brought shame to his family.
GreatDepression A time period when the emperor took power back from the shogun
bushido A Samurai with property.
Kanagawa A way of life where social order, duty and loyalty or important.
Macarthur When a country imports more than it exports to another country.
Confucianism The Japanese soldiers who carried out suicide missions in WWII.
cooperation "Cram" schools in Japan.
tradeimbalance Descended from the sun goddess.
Ainu The Chinese selection of a ruler which the Japanese did not believe in since the Japanese emperor was thought of as a god.
militarism Lowest class in the Japanese feudal system.
juku The general in charge of ending militarism and building democracy in Japan
seppuku The idea that the military and war should be glorified.
emperor The concept that social ideas came from China and the West.
Shinto Family controlled industry.
reparations Global economic collapse- hit Japan between 1929-31.
culturaldiffusion A religion where spirits dwell in all natural things and control the forces of nature.
zaibatsu Japanese family alliances
Indochina The northern most island of Japan.
Hokkaido US military base bombed in 1941 by the Japanese.
Nagasaki The leader of the Emperor's army.
kamakazi Commadore who forced the Japanese to trade with the US.
kana Companies were encouraged by the government to do this instead of competition.
Perry The town after which the first of many unequal treaties were signed between the US and Japan
MandateofHeaven SE Asian region taken by Japan from France prior to WWII
PearlHarbor The written Japanese language where characters are connected to pronounciation
Shogun The spread of communism from one country to another.

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