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Japanese Castles and Samurai

Emma and Karina :)

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Taxes What’s the best remaining example of a Japanese castle?
Himeji Castle How many types of martial arts were there?
Eighteen What were the Medieval Japanese warrior lords called?
A castle Ninjas usually worked at....
Steep who did samurais live among?
Suicide What did samurais have to do to become a samurai?
Night What was the samurai religion?
Six What is at the centre of almost every Daimyo's area?
Judo What did a samurai always have to be ready to commit?
Die Internal paths were...
Black Samurais had to do what for the Daimyo?
Samurais was the Himeji Castle ever completed?
Suicide What are the well-trained warriors called?
Daimyo What nationality was Japanese samurais?
A keep What was the colour of the ninjas clothing?
Swear an oath How many story’s high was the Ten-Shui?
Buddhism What do ninjas do to keep fit?
Yes what is a Ten- Shui?
Japanese The elite samurai group included.....
Ninjas What does "seppuku" mean?
Peasants and farmers What did samurais collect?

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