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Japanese Words

Marie P. Hughes

No description

keiretsu a room divider or sliding screen
dojo mercenary soldier
bushido a noble warrior
jujitsu a mattress placed on the floor
haiku popular entertainment with exaggerated makeup
shogun a Zen master
koan person on a suicide mission
ninja crime syndicate
tatami a military commander
futon a hughe sea wave
aikido method of self-defense that uses opponent's strength against him
roshi unsolvable riddle
origami a young woman trained as a companion
kamikaze ancestor worship
zaibatsu financial conglomerate
samuri a coalition of business groups
noh lyrical, stylized, classical drama
hara-kiri a businessman of great wealth
Shinto a school of martial arts
karaoke bans dangerous blows, stresses athletics
judo a code of honor
shoji the art of Buddist meditation
sumo a woven straw mat
kabuki paper folding
geisha requires superior height and weight
yakuza self-defense using wrist, joint and elbow grips
tycoon ritual suicide
tsunami singing along to a music video
Zen short verse in 5,7,5 syllables

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