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Lesson 11-12

by Iwasaki

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mention 求める、要求する(Lesson 12) "I [<-Iwasaki} don't _______ that you do this crossword puzzle, but I think it will help you practice new words."
erode 消す、抹消する (Lesson 11) "Yoshiaki-kun said he wanted to _____ Yoshiki-kun, so I persuaded him not to." (ちなみに、what does "persuade" mean?)
demand 初歩、基本の(Lesson 11) "You first have to go to _________ school before you can go to middle school."
reportedly 全体、全部 (Lesson 12) "All my answers on the test were ________ accurate, so I got 100% and I made the Honor Roll." (**What does accurate mean?)
benefit (マスコミのreporterが)伝えるところによると、うわさによると(Lesson 12) "_________, the new 安倍首相 is less popular than the old 小泉元首相."
conspicuously 盲目の(Lesson 12)  "If you are _______, you are not allowed to drive." (ところで、what does "allow" mean?)
broaden 住居(Lesson 11) "Tajimas' _________ is in Scarsdale, while Suzukis live in Harrison."
eliminate (特に精神が)一定していない、気が狂っている (Lesson 11) "Often, geniuses are ________. One example is 芥川龍之介。He was very smart, but so smart (頭が良すぎて)that he was _____ and he later died from suicide."
pier (特に政治で)(人などを)支援する、support(Lesson 12) "Bill Clinton ____________ his wife Hillary for the new President of America."
prevalent 人目をひく、見えやすい、明白な(Lesson 12) "Before the party she painted her nails and got a gorgeous haircut. At the party she was __________ beautiful and every man wanted to talk to her."
entirely 放す、解放される (Lesson 11) "He was ________ from prison and returned to society."
element 普通の生活で不可欠のもの、必需品(Lesson 11)  "When I go traveling, I make sure to pack all my ______ in my suitcase" (この場合は複数形だけど、上の Crosswordでは単数形で書くこと)
evaporate (風雨などで)(地形などが)侵食する、ボコボコになる、(人との関係などが)こじれる、壊れる(Lesson 12) "If you cheat on(<-浮気する、二股かける)your lover, then that can often _________ your relationship with your lover."
disperse 得するもの、利益(Lesson 12) "He volunteered many times for the ________ of the poor."(辞書から)=「彼は貧しい人のためにできる限りボランティアした。」
elementary 苦しむ(Lesson 12) "Many innocent people ________ during wartimes." (what does "innocent" mean?)
endorse 要素、成分 (Lesson 11) "The Periodic Table in chemistry is made up of all the ___________."
suffer 桟橋、where boats stay when they are not moving, the home/dwelling of boats(Lesson 11) (Sorry no 例文 here)
release 強調する(Lesson 11)”The teacher __________ that studying every day is the way to do well on tests.”
emphasize (視野などを)広げる(Lesson 12)  "People often say that going to school and studying new things _________ a person's mind and views."
enormous 散らばせる、散らばる(Lesson 11) "I dropped the glass plate and all the broken pieces _________ all over the floor."
blind 巨大な、量がすごい多い(Lesson 12) "Whales are ___________." "I was nervous before the presentation so it took me ________ courage to go to the front of the class and give my speech."
erratic 回復する (Lesson 12) "Yoshiki-kun fell down, scraped his knee, and cried, but he _________ after he ate his mom's sandwich and put on a Band-Aid on the scraped knee." (Please look up "scrape" if you don't know it.)
dwelling 蒸発する、なくなる(Lesson 12) "Strong sun rays (日光)______________ water from oceans."(辞書の例文) "Everything in Japan is expensive, so currency like 一万円 often ________ very quickly after you go shopping."
recover 定着している、普及している (Lesson 11) "一夫多妻制 is a ________ custom in India." "Cellphones are ______ now and everyone has one, but they were rare 20 years ago."
amenity 言及(げんきゅう)する(Lesson 11) "I ________ to Maeda sensei that I got on the Honor Roll, and he didn't believe me."

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