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Lesson 13-15


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Promote 基礎の(Lesson 14)“Learning ABCs is _____________ to learning English.”
Perilous 抵抗する、反抗する、対抗する(Lesson 14) “During 反抗期、many teenagers start to ___________ their parents.” “I ____________ my father and he took my TV, cellphone, and computer away from me.”
Substantial 長持ちする、しっかりしている(Lesson 15) “It’s important for your car to have a durable engine and tires.” “He was always trying to break up with her because he could not withstand her. Their relationship was not ____________.”
Even 機能する、作動する(Lesson 14) “It is hard for your body to ________ if you don’t sleep and don’t eat.” “What is the __________ of cellphones? It can call people, send E-mails, take pictures, and it can be your calendar.”
Face 延期する(Lesson 15) “The tournament was today at 3PM. However, it started raining very hard at 3PM. So the tournament was ___________ until tomorrow at 3PM.”
Durable 大事な、重大な(Lesson 13)"The most ________ person in a school is the principal." “It is __________ to study every day if you want to get good grades and be smart.”
Harmful (=Obtain) GETする(Lesson 15) “I stopped exercising 3 months ago, so I __________ 5 kilograms!” “I __________ knowledge when I go to school and then get help at 理塾.”
Feign 止める(Lesson 15) “I just remembered that tomorrow we don’t have school!! So I _________ doing my homework and called my friend on the phone.” “‘Stop and freeze!’ shouted the policeman.” (=“‘_______ and freeze!’ shouted the policeman.”)
Evident 耐える、こらえる(same meaning as “to bear”) (what does “bear” mean?)  (Lesson 14) “He broke up with her because he could not ____________ her. She was annoying.” “The old apartment ____________ the terrible earthquake. The old apartment did not break.”
Predictably 顔と顔を合わせる、直面する、立ち向かう(Lesson 13) "You have to ______ someone before you can kiss that person's lips." "After she failed the test, she _________ shame and anger at herself."
Elude 不思議な、不気味な(Lesson 15) “名探偵コナン solves ____________ police cases.” (what does “solve” mean?)
Defy 広々とした(Lesson 14) “Many Tokyo apartments are not ____________, because land in Tokyo is very expensive even for a small land.”
Harbor かくまう(Lesson 15) “Osama Bin Laden came to Yoshiaki-kun’s house and asked him a favor. ‘I am trying to hide. Can I sleep here tonight?’ Yoshiaki-kun said yes and he _________ Osama Bin Laden in his house.”(What does “favor” mean again?)
Withstand (法案)を法律にする(Lesson 14) “Slavery in America was stopped by President Abraham after he ____________ a law that said that all people are free and equal.” “The first ten national laws __________ in America are called ‘Bill of Rights’ because they are considered the most important.”
Function 逃れる、避ける、得られない(Lesson 13)"The policemen is looking for the criminal who ______ them after he broke his handcuffs and ran away from the police car." "The team practiced every day for six months, but victory still _______ them at the tournament."
Extremely 沢山の(Lesson 14)“The test is in April. It is only February now. There is _________ time for you to study if you start studying today.”
Inaccessible 避ける(Lesson 14)“It’s impossible to _________ laughing when you are near Maeda sensei because he is always saying something funny.”
Solve 解決する(Lesson 13)“I hope this crossword is not too hard to _________.”
Extensive (色々な面のあるものでその)一面,(よく比喩的に使われる)(Lesson 13) "If you are bilingual, you are multi-_______ because you can speak different languages." “Nazism was a dark and sad ____________ of world history.”
Halt 平らにする、均等に、(勝負などが)五分五分の(Lesson 14) “It’s hard to write on a table that is not __________.” “He hit me first, so I hit him second because I wanted to get _________.” “Cut the birthday cake into _______ pieces,” said my mother.
Mysterious 届かない、アクセスがない(Lesson 13) "There is no signal for my cellphone in the subway. The cellphone signal is ____________ in the subway." "The team practiced every day for six months, but victory still eluded them at the tournament. The victory was ___________ to them."
Ample 丁度いい、適している(Lesson 13) “It is not ________ to wear a bright shirt or a shirt with rainbows on it to a funeral.” “It is __________ to wear black clothes to a funeral.” “My parents wanted me to marry someone who was __________ for me.”
Generate う(よそおう)(Lesson 14) “I ___________ as Superman on Halloween.” “I __________ sickness so I would not have to go to school.”
Postpone 予想されるように(Lesson 13) "Yesterday it rained. Today it rained. __________, it is 99% accurate to say that it will rain tomorrow." (What does "accurate" mean?)
Reject 乾燥している(Lesson 14) “In Sahara Desert, it is very _______.” “It is so _______ here and my lips are chapped. I have to put on chapsticks.”(what does “chap” mean?)
Obviously (車・ドアなどの)ハンドル、(ハンドルをさわるように)(問題などを)扱う、あやつる(Lesson 15) “I lost the key to the door so I broke the door __________ to get in.” “I was stressed and panicking, so I could not get a good __________ on the situation.” “When you have 3 tests to study for, it is important to have a good _________ on time so you have enough time to study for all the tests.”
Arid (Discriminateしないから)無差別に、randomに(Lesson 14) “I cut out 100 pieces of small paper in a hat and I write numbers 1~100 on each of them. Then I put all of the pieces in a hat. Now I pull out one piece at a time out of the hat ___________. I pulled out 15, 4, 79, 64, 35, 72, 1, 3, 59, 100, 86……..”
Selective (証拠があるように)すぐに分かる、明白な、明らかな(Lesson 13)"It was ______ who the criminal was when the policemen looked at all the evidence."
Spacious 危険な(Lesson 15) “It is ________ to go swimming in the ocean if you don’t know how to swim!” “Taking the TOEFL test without studying is very __________; you will probably fail!!”
Facet 使い果たす(Lesson 13)"On Valentine's Day I ________ all my energy trying to make my lover happy because it is a special day." “I _________ almost all the gasoline in the car so I have to put more gasoline now.”
Avoid (“Favorite”の語源) 親切な行為、えこひいきする、支持する(Lesson 15) “Can I ask you a ___________?”(=“Can you help me?”) “My mom ________ my brother over my sister.”(=My mom’s favorite child is my brother, not my sister.”) うちのお母さんはえこひいきをする。“I ________ sushi over pizza because I am Japanese.”
Fundamental すごく(Lesson 13)"I am ____________ smart and I only get A's and A s."
Fertile 昇進する、(平和・健康などを)促進(そくしん)する、増進する(Lesson 15) “Yay! My dad got ___________ in his company and now he is the president of the company. Before he was vice-president.” “Martin Luther King Jr. _____________ equality for Black people.”
Handle (良いものを念を入れて)選択する(Lesson 14) “東大is considered the most __________ university in Japan.” “She says, ‘My ideal boyfriend must be funny, skinny, rich, smart, nice, cooks well, studies hard, always buys me presents, has nice teeth and a great smile, and drives a nice car.’ She is very ___________ about her ideal boyfriend.” (what does “Ideal” mean?)
Favor 拒む、受け入れない(Lesson 15)“Yoshiki-kun hates eating vegetables. He always _____________ broccolis and carrots at dinner.” “Harvard University is the most selective university in America. Many 受験者 get __________ by Harvard University.”
Insignificant (土地・頭脳などが)肥えた、物を育てるのに最適の(Lesson 14) “When you are young, you have a ________ mind and you can learn many things and remember them.” “Japan is known for its rice. Japan’s soil is _________ for growing rice.”
Enact (「significantではない」だから)重大ではない、問題ではない(Lesson 15) “Sarah: ‘Sorry teacher, I forgot to do Question 4 of the homework.’ Teacher: ‘Don’t worry Sarah, it is insignificant. I will not take off points. Just do it for tomorrow.’”
Crucial 有害な (=deleterious) (What does deleterious mean in Japanese?) (Lesson 15) “Eating old bread with green mold is ____________.” “He was arrested by the police after he _________ his girlfriend by kicking, punching, and spitting on her.”
Exhaust 明白な(Lesson 13) "'The criminal is ____________ him when you look at all the evidence," said the policeman." "All the students love Maeda sensei. ___________, he is the best teacher in the world."
Suitable 大規模な・に(Lesson 13)"The 阪神大震災created an ______________ destruction to Kobe."
Indiscriminately ・・・を発生させる、(電気・エネルギーなど)を起こす(Lesson 15) “The battery and the electricity __________ energy for many things, like a microwave, an oven, the heater, the air-conditioner.” “President Bush made a surprise visit to my school yesterday. His visit ____________ a lot of excitement yesterday at the school.”
Gain かなりの、多くの(Lesson 15)“I was about to throw away the potato chip bag, but there was still __________ amount of chips left in the bag, so I decided to postpone the throwing away of the bag.” (what does “postpone” mean?) “To get into Harvard University, you need to do a ____________ amount of 受験対策.”

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