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Lesson 16-17


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Expansion (奇跡的に)(Lesson 16) “I woke up really late on the day of 英検。My parents drove really fast and, __________, I got to the試験場 on time.”
Involve 直ちに、すぐに(Lesson 17) “I __________ liked 岩崎先生 when I first met him. But gradually, I started to hate him and now he is my nightmare.”
Discreetly (初期、幼少) (Lesson 16) “The Japanese website Mixi started only 2 years ago. It is still in its ___________.” “I was only 2 years old when my younger brother was born. So I was still in my _________ when the new baby was born.”
Systematically まるでSystemみたいに(Lesson 16)“In the morning after I wake up, I do things ___________: I brush my teeth, take a shower, put on my clothes, I comb my hair, and I eat breakfast, all in that order almost every morning.”
Conscientious 少しの、ごくわずかの(Lesson 17) “I got C on one test. But that had a _________ effect on my final grade because I got A’s on all my other tests and when I average all of them, I still have an A grade.”
Inevitable (感情など)をかき乱す、(人)を興奮させる、(群集などを)煽動する(Lesson 17) “The dog started to __________ after I showed him a piece of steak and then abruptly took it away from him. He wanted to eat it but now he cannot find it.” (What does “abruptly” mean?)
Retrieve 根拠なくて(Lesson 16)(warrant=逮捕状、家宅捜査令状など、だからUnwarranted=逮捕状なくて=根拠なくて) “My mom’s comment that I lied to her was ____________. Why did she say that? I don’t know. Maybe she is just erratic.” (What does “erratic” mean?) “The pop quiz (出し抜けテスト) today was unwarranted; nobody was ready and the teacher only gave us 5 minutes to answer the quiz which had 50 questions. It was very unfair.”
Inundate : Conscience [That’s the correct word. Please write it down] (NOT from 参考書、but I am including here because “conscientious” comes from “conscience”) “Natsumi-san found 一万円札 in the bathroom!!!! It was after-school and nobody was there, no teachers or students. Nobody would know even if she took the 一万円札 and put it in her wallet. But the good Natsumi listened to her conscience and reported it to the 職員室.” (listen to one’s conscience=良心にしたがう)
Agitate (うっかりと、accidentally)(Lesson 16) “Mrs. Tajima has three sons and she sometimes gets the names mixed up. Yesterday she __________ called Yoshiki “Yoshiaki”, and today she ___________called Yoshiaki “Ryouichi”!!”
Gradually 沢山の、膨大(ぼうだい)の(Lesson 17)“The rich lady spent an ___________ amount of money on her clothes and jewelry.” “I really wanted to get into 東大. So I studied _____________ly and I got in!!!”
Nominal 生まれつきの、生まれつき備わっている(Lesson 17) “All babies are born to want to eat and to cry. For humans, eating and crying are ___________ needs.”
Convey (人・言動が)良心的な、まじめな(Lesson 16) “My mother cooks ______________ly. She always makes sure that her children get enough Vitamin A, B, and D every day in the foods she cooks.”
Delighted うわさによると、(=reportedly) (What does “reportedly” mean again?) (Lesson 17) “_________横田めぐみ is dead, according to North Korea, but I don’t think we will ever know the real news.”
Presumably 強調する、(事件・催し物などの)一番のイベント、目玉商品(Lesson 16) “Use the highlighter to _________ all the important points of the book.” “The ___________ of the soccer game was at the end when the player scored the tie-breaking goal with three seconds remaining in the game.” (What do you think “tie-breaking goal” means?)
Heighten 影響(Lesson 17) “Ryouichi-kun said that AC/DC and Black Sabbath ___________ him to play the guitar.” “I started playing classical music on the violin when I was very little. So my musical __________ is classical music, although I listen to rap music sometimes.”
Inadvertently 含む、参加する(Lesson 17) “A fight occurs between two people, or more. So a fight always __________ more than one person.”
Unlikely 高める(Lesson 16) “I ____________ the mood at my party by playing really cool music and dimming the lights.” (What does “dim” mean?) “A successful interview at 受験二次試験 can __________ one’s chances of getting into the university.”
Encompass 頂点の、絶頂(=apex) (Please look up apex, a very good word) (Lesson 16) “My father got promoted to president at his company and he has reached the __________ of his company. Nobody is better than a president at a company.”
Intrinsic (・・・を)(・・・で)取り巻く、囲む(Lesson 16) “I used my compass to encompass the smaller circle with a larger circle.”
Conscience わざと、意図的に(=purposefully) (What does “purposefully” mean?) (Lesson 17) “I hated my older sister. She was very mean. So I ____________ tripped her(転ばせた)、 even though I told my parents that it was done inadvertently.” (What does inadvertently mean?)
Confidential 喜ぶ(Lesson 17) “I was _____________ to see my favorite food on the table when I came home.” “I was __________ when I found out I got 100% on the test!”
Highlight 伝える(Lesson 16) “I decided to 告白 on Valentine’s Day to my crush. I ________ to him/her that I love him/her but he/she rejected me.” “You cannot __________ your thoughts to me unless you talk to me or write me a letter.”
Inordinate To have many, There are many(度が過ぎている)(Lesson 17) “Almost everyone has a cellphone today. The world is __________d with cellphones!!!”
Instantly 控えめに(Lesson 17) “I was the only one in the class who failed the test. Rather than embarrassing me in front of the whole class, the teacher asked me to come outside of the class with her for a minute, and then, in a whisper, she ____________ told me that I failed the test.” “If you are invited as a guest at someone’s house, it is important to act ____________ at the person’s house.”
Unwarranted 確立が少ない、ありそうもない(Lesson 16) “It is __________ that you will pass the hard test if you don’t come to class, open the textbook, and never study!!”
Intentionally 極秘の、秘密の(Lesson 17) ‘L.A. Confidential’ was a famous American movie that was about secrets in the Los Angeles police department.” “My dad got promoted to be the president at his job. Now he is a really important person at his company. Now he brings home papers that are ________ (極秘書類).
Miraculously (しょうがない、避けられない)(Lesson 16)“It is _________ that Mrs. Tajima inadvertently gets her sons’ names mixed up, because she has three sons and she is always so busy!” “It was __________ that you failed the test, because you never came to class, you never opened the textbook, and you never studied!!!”
Infancy 徐々に、少しずつ(Lesson 17) “It is better to ___________ study for a test, rather than cram for it the night before the test.” “I didn’t like 岩崎先生 at first. But ___________, I started to like him and now he is my hero.”
Documented 書類に記された(Lesson 17)“When I go to see my doctor, all my medical information is ______________ in my カルテ.”
Zenith 取り戻す(Lesson 16) “I forgot to _______ the floppy disk out of the computer.”
Influence 拡大、広げること(Lesson 16)“チンギスハン dreamed of _________ of his empire to encompass all the land in the world.” “My father got promoted at his work. Now he is the president of the company and he makes a lot of money! Now our family can do the __________ of the house and build the second story (二階) because we have the money.” (What does promote mean?)

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