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Lesson 18-20

by Iwasaki

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Fabricate (Lesson 19) "Long time ago people had the preconception that the earth was flat. So when Galileo said that the earth was actually round, the idea sounded very _________ to the people." (What does "preconception" mean?)
Coherent 客観的, バイアス がない(Lesson 19) "If you are __________, then you have no preconceptions." (what does "preconception" mean?)
Preconception (this is where the word "initiative" comes from) (Lesson 20) "True adulthood in Japan _________ with 成人式." "The test is in April. It is now February. I should __________ my studying now because I am going to need many weeks to study for it."
Normally (Lesson 18) "It is __________ that Maeda sensei expects me to know college-level mathematics when I am still in middle school!"
Robust (Lesson 19) "M
Nevertheless (Lesson 18) "When you take a test at school, it is important to think about time ___________ so you have enough time to finish the test." "In year 2050, there was almost no food in South Korea, but there was too much food in Japan. So Japan decided to __________ some of its food to South Korea , so people in South Korea can have things to eat."
Suspect (Lesson 19) "When I first came to America, my English was very bad. My broken English was not _____________ to Americans and so I had a very difficult time talking to people." "My father drank too much alcohol tonight and now he is not __________. His jokes do not make sense."
Fallacious (Lesson 19) "Saying 写真機 is a very ___________ means of saying カメラ." (What did "means" mean again?) "The house was built 150 years ago. The house is very ____________."
Narrow (Lesson 18) "I stopped eating 7 days ago and now my arms and legs are very _________. They are very thin." "If you are ___________-minded, that means you are " 視野が狭い."
Submit (Lesson 20) "In ' 男はつらいよ', the actor 渥美清_____________ 寅さん, or 寅次郎, a very funny and sensitive man who is always trying to fall in love." (What does "sensitive" mean again?) "The student's _____________ of a mean and キレやすい Maeda sensei is absurd. Maeda sensei is the nicest, funniest, and the most handsome teacher in the whole world." (What does "absurd" mean again?)
Disguise (Lesson 19) "There was much ____________ from students when Maeda sensei played favorites among his students." (What does "play favorites" mean again?)
Develop (Lesson 20) "I did many アルバイト and I got a lot of money. Now I can _____________ my university education by myself."
Varied (=preservation) (please look up what "preservation" means) (Lesson 18) "Too many trees are cut down every year to make paper. Rather than to cut them down, it is important to ___________ trees." "If you have four tests to take in one day, it is important to think about energy ___________ so you do not use up all your energy on the first test."
Notion (Lesson 19) "I __________ that Maeda sensei looked very sad. I asked him what happened. He told me 'Shut up.'"
Occasionally 偏見 (Lesson 18) "If you are narrow-minded, you have many _____________ about things and people in life." "I met someone online and agreed to meet him. I had many ____________ about this person because we had never met before and I only knew his face from the small photo on his profile page."
Narrate (Lesson 18) "Long time ago people thought the earth was flat. But that's _____________. Now we know that the earth is round." "Many people think 49 is spelled 'fourty-nine.' But that's a ___________. 49 is accurately spelled 'forty-nine.'" (What does "accurately" mean?)
Feasible (Lesson 20) "I studied very hard for this test. I hope I __________ the test."
Limber (Lesson 19) "I keep a diary every day so I can keep a _________ of what I did every day."
Omit (Lesson 18) "Many children in Japan kill themselves after they are __________ d by other children at school. In Japanese, this is called "Ijime"."
Conservation (this is where "narrator" comes from) (Lesson 20) "In the story, the main character __________ s the whole story from his viewpoint." (Look up what "viewpoint" means.)
Innovative (Lesson 20) "To help students learn difficult words, Iwasaki sensei uses __________ means of studying, such as making crossword puzzles!" (What does "means" mean again?) "If you make _________ inventions or discoveries, then you can win many prizes and awards."
Antiquated (Lesson 19) "The police detective started an ______________ into who stole Iwasaki's test during lunch time. The detective never found the criminal because Iwasaki had fabricated the whole story." (What does "criminal" mean?)
Initiate (=Feign) (What did "feign" mean? We learned this word before.) (Lesson 20) "I _____________ as Superman on Halloween." "I was very sad but I tried to smile and cheer up and ___________ my sadness. But I was bad at my ____________. Everybody asked me if I was OK and told me I looked sad."
Opposition (Lesson 18) "It is important to have a ___________ life if you can. It's important to study for a while, play for a while, eat for a while, and then sleep for a while."
Pass (Lesson 18) "People do 柔軟体操 to make their bodies more ____________."
Steady (Lesson 20) "The test time is over. Please ___________ your tests and pass them forward to the front of the class."
Abuse (Lesson 18) "I am so sleepy and tired. Last night I went to sleep at 4AM(!) and I had to wake up 4 hours later at 8AM!! I _________ sleep from yesterday."
Accentuate (Lesson 18) "I was smoking a cigarette. I inadvertently dropped it on the carpet and the carpet started burning. OH MY GOD! I _________ly sprayed water on the fire and the fire died." (What did "inadvertently" mean again?) "I only have 5 minutes to eat breakfast because I need to go to school. I have to eat __________ly."
Overcome (Lesson 18) "I am very young and I exercise every day, like doing swimming and running. I am a very __________ person." "My parents bought me a brand-new computer 2 weeks ago. My new computer works _______ly; it is very fast and I have no viruses on it!"
Lack (=to lie) (Lesson 19) "Iwasaki got an F on his test. But Iwasaki did not want to tell the truth to his parents. So he ____________ a fallacious story that he got an A on the test but that he had lost the test sometime during lunch time so that is why he does not have it to show it to them!" (what does "fallacious" mean?)
Record (Lesson 19) "I found blood on my pajamas when I woke up in the morning. I ________ that I had a bloody nose ( 鼻血) during my sleep." "The police detective started an investigation into who stole Iwasaki's test during lunch time. The detective never found the _____________ because Iwasaki had fabricated the whole story. There was no criminal because there was no crime!!" (What does "criminal" mean?)
Notice (Lesson 19) " 思春期 is when teenagers ____________ their bodies." "My father took many pictures with the new camera. He had the ネガ -__________ed so we can look at the pictures."
Swift (=possible) (Lesson 18) "It is not ____________ for me to drive yet because I am only 13 years old and you need to be 16 years old to drive in America!"
Absurd (Lesson 20) "I hate spiders. Yesterday I was about to sleep and I looked at my bed….and there was a spider!!!! I was __________ with fear and I screamed." "You must ___________ your fear of death. It is inevitable and there is nothing you can do about it." (What does "inevitable" mean?)
Unbiased (Lesson 18) "What is your ___________ to getting to school every morning from your house? Do you take the school bus? Or do you have your mother drive you to school?" "I am very, very poor. I have no __________ to buy anything because I have no money."
Finance (Lesson 20) "I wrote 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11. Oops! I ________ 9 inadvertently." (What does "inadvertently" mean?) "I made a mistake. I used 修正 液 to __________ the wrong word."
Investigation (Lesson 20) "If you eat potato chips and McDonald's foods all the time, then this is bad for your body. But if you eat potato chips and McDonald's __________, like twice a month, then it is OK for your body."
Relate (Lesson 20) "It is acceptable for people to dress ____________ly on Halloween." (what does "acceptable" mean?) "The diamond cost 100, 000, 000, 000 dollars!!! That's an ______________ price!!!!!."
Allocation 概念 , 考え (Lesson 19) "She has no ________ of going to university after high school. She wants to start working immediately after high school." "Long time ago people had the _________ that the earth was flat. Now, thanks to Galileo, we know that the earth is round."
Portray (Lesson 20) "I took a test. On one of the problems, the correct answer was "1000 dollars" but I wrote "1000" and did not include "dollars". My teacher gave me .5 points instead of 1.0 point, so I got points ____________."
Means (Lesson 18) "If you want to do well on tests, then it is important to study on a __________ pace. Study every day and avoid cramming the day before the test." (What does "avoid" mean again?) "Two months ago he had a good job and he got salary on a ________ pace. Now he quit his job and so he receives money only when he does アルバイト."
Partially (Lesson 19) "I ________ sleep around 10PM." "I _________ come to Rijyuku on Wednesdays."
Balanced (Lesson 20) "I felt really sick, my throat hurt very badly, and I was coughing a lot. _____________, my parents sent me to school. They are absurd!!" (What does "absurd" mean?)
Outlandish (Lesson 19) "I watched a TV program about a young Japanese teenager going through 異文化体験 in France . I could __________ to that teenager because I, too, am a young Japanese teenager going through 異文化体験 here in New York, USA."
Novel (Lesson 20) "I gave a presentation to the class this morning. I __________ the main points of my presentation by accenting important words in my speech."

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