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Medieval Japan

Emily Lesher

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Izanagi Another name for a "divine wind"
Uji During the Nara dynasty, the ______ could take the civil service exam.
Kamikaze Japanese viewed fiction as _________.
Eta Shotoku ________ sent missions to the Tang capital of Chang'an.
Heian The Japanese initally adopted the _______ written language.
Nihon Shoki In Japanese gardens it was important to include _____.
Shoen Due of Japanese aquaintance with China, Japanese developed a strong interest in _________.
Taishi The Japanese islands are located on the Asian and ______ tectonic plates.
Onin The ______ were landless laborers, who were unable to pay taxes and could be bought and sold.
Haiku The most popular form of Japanese poetry.
Bushido During this war, the capital city of Kyoto was destroyed.
State Spirits who resided in trees, rivers and streams, and mountains.
Genin ______ were considered the bottom of the social scale, responsible for degrading jobs.
Jomon "Way of the Warror"
Shogun A descendent of ___________, the sun goddess, became of founder of the Japanese nation.
Amaterasu During this period, the power rest in the hands of the fujiwara clan.
Emotional The Bakufu was created to strengthen the _______.
Vulgar Gossip Each of thee were ruled by hereditary chieftain. They were the clans.
Daimyo Legend says that the marriage of the god ________ and the goddess Izanami caused the formation of the Japanese islands.
Nobles Tried to increase the power of central government, a.k.a. the general.
Pacific The heads of great noble families.
Water The Chronicles of Japan.
Buddhism The earliest known Neolithic inhabitants.
Kami All forms of art and architecture were intended to evoke a(n) _______ response.
Chinese Several small villages made up a single ______.

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