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Latin Adverb Review

David Webb

Latin Adverbs

furtim suddenly
ibi yes! indeed!
ferociter there
tamen not
saepe stealthily
non now, already
simul soon, presently
interea always
semper necessary
hodie again and again, repeatedly
identidem together, at the same time
iam immediately
subito often
statim strenuously, hard
tacite slowly
tandem no longer
strenue meanwhile
deinde also
nondum also, even
etiam where
hic not yet
non iam today
iterum at that moment, then
minime however, nevertheless
mox fiercely
ubi no! not at all!
tum again, a second time
quoque silently
nunc here
cras then, next
necesse tomorrow
lente at last, at length
itavero now

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