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Introduction to Caesar's De Bello Gallico

Magistra Rolling

Prominent personalities and geographical terms of Caesar's war with the Gallic tribes.

Pyrenaei An arrogant German chief whom Caesar defeated and drove from Gaul back into Germany.
Cicero A narrow province that bordered Cisalpine Gaul at the head of the Adriatic Sea; modern Yugoslavia and Albania.
Sequana An influential and ambitious anti-Roman Aeduan who continually opposed Caesar. He was finally killed in an attempt to escape from Caesar's camp.
GalliaTransalpina Spear
TitusLabienus The modern Garonne, a river of southwestern France.
lorica Chief of the Arvernians. He united all the Gauls against Caesar in the last campaign of the Gallic War. He was finally defeated and captured at Alesia. He is regarded as the first national hero of France.
Aquitania Sword
Genava The modern Aisne, a river in the southern part of Belgic Gaul.
Gallia The breastplate of the standard Roman soldier
Ambiorix It is also called Provincia. It is now known as Provence, a region of southeastern France.
pilum A chief of the Eburones. He started a revolt and led the ambush of the troops of Sabinus and Cotta. He succeeded in escaping Caesar.
Liger Ancient Spain, which included modern Spain and Portugal.
Arar An Aeduan noble, loyal to Caesar at first. He later joined Vercingetorix as one of the leaders of the Gallic army that went to relieve the seige of Alesia.
Garumna Shield
Ariovistus The Pyrenees, separating Gaul from Spain.
Diviciacus The homeland of the Helvetii, divided into four cantons; modern Switzerland.
Dumnorix Assault ramp constructed in addition to a ditch to protect the camp.
castra The modern Seine, the principal river of northern France.
scutum Wealthiest if the Helvetian chiefs. He planned the migration into Western Gaul. He attempted to seize control of Helvetia and plotted with Casticus and Dumnorix to conquer all Gaul.
Illyricum Half of a pair of rival centurions who acted heroically at the seige of Quintus' camp. He held the lesser rank.
GalliaCisalpina Modern Paris; a city of the tribe named Parisii on an island in the Seine River.
Commius The Rhone River, which flows through Lake Geneva and empties into the Mediterranean.
Belgium A section of Gaul, extending north from Italy proper to the Alps.
manipulus A unit of military organization made up of 2 centuries.
Germania A general term comprising modern France and parts of Switerland, Belgium, and Holland; all the territory between the Pyrenees Mountains and the Rhine River.
Matrona A prominent pro-Roman Aeduan. Unlike his brother, Dumnorix, he was loyal to Caesar.
LuciusVorenus A unit of military organization made up of 10 cohorts.
Rhenus The javelin, a common weapon for soldiers
TitusPullo Camp
Alpes The modern Saone River, a tributary of the Rhone.
agger Land of the Belgae, another of the three main divisions of Gaul. It was located in the northern part of Gaul.
Britannia The Jura, a range of mountains extending from the Rhine to the Rhone.
Helvetia A chief of the Sequanians. He joined with Orgetorix and Dumnorix in the conspiracy ro gain control of Gaul.
fossa Geneva, located on Lake Geneva in Switzerland.
Lemannus The Alps, separating Cisalpine Gaul from Transalpine Gaul and Germany.
Vercingetorix Leader of the Britons. He finally surrendered to Caesar.
Rhodanus (Quintus Tullius) Brother of the famous orator. One of Caesar's best lieutenants, Quintus won renown by resisting a siege of his winter quarters by the rebellious Gauls.
Cassivellaunus Lake Geneva in Switzerland.
Axona The modern Marne River, a tributary of the Seine.
Orgetorix The island of Britain, described by Caesar as "triangular in shape."
Casticus The Rhine River, separating Gaul and Germany.
gladius King of the Atrebates, a Belgian tribe friendly to Caesar. He was sent by Caesar as an envoy to Britain in 55 BC, where he was thrown into chains, but later released.
Iura The modern Loire, the largest rive in Gaul.
Hispania Half of a pair of rival centurions who acted heroically at the seige of Quintus' camp. He held the higher rank.
hasta The southwestern part of Gaul, separated from Spain by the Pyrenees Mountains. It was one of the three main divisions of Gaul.
cohors Chief city of the Mandubii, a Gallic tribe. It is here that Vercingetorix, uniting all the Gauls against Caesar, made his last stand.
Alesia A country of indefinite extent, east of the Rhine River.
hiberna A unit of military organization made up of 3 maniples.
legio The primary unit of manpower in the legion. Originally consisting of 100 men.
centuria Caesar's right-hand man and most trusted lieutenant in the Gallic War. During the Civil War, however, he fought against Caesar and was killed at Munda.
Eporedorix Winter quarters
Lutetia Ditch constructed in addition to an assault ramp to protect the camp.

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