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Demonstratives and Chapter 25 Vocabulary


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Masculine neuter form of this, the latter
Dixi Nom. of horseman
Ea That (masculine)
cursum I said, I told
Olim I write
Esum Feminine nominative of "this", the latter
Illa I wrote
Dico I run
Dicere It, Neuter form of This/That
Bibi Nominative - calvary
Pedes I ran
Curro Once upon a time
Equites Having been eaten
currere Feminine form of it
Hic She, or feminine form of this/that
scriptum I attacked
Id Of the foot soldier
Edo I ate
Edi Having been written
Ille Nominative - infantry
Peditis This (masculine)
bibo I seek, beg, attack
Petivi I drank
hoc I drink
Scripsi To tell
Scribo To write
Scribere to run
Peto Having been run
Eques Foot soldier
Cucurri I say
Haec I eat
Equitis Gender of foot soldier
Pedites Of the horseman

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