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Stage 4 Puzzle

Bantea, E.

Stage 4. Meaning of English words that are derived from our Latin vocabulary items.

exhibit one who is dissatisfied
laboratory cutting live animals for research
salutation having little money, poor
canine area over which one rules
laudable strong distaste
advocate open to bribery, corrupt
vivisection a defender or supporter
service worthy of praise
sedentary a person who acts on another's behalf
dominion a room or a building used for scientific research
venal pertaining to dogs
agent to cut open to reveal parts
judicial pertaining to legal practice
vendor the act of providing goods or assistance
malcontent a person who sells something
affiliate tending to be inactive
disgust vulgar, obscene (in speech)
dissect to have out on display
scurrilous to associate or join oneself
impecunious formal greeting

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