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Etymology Latin Lesson 9

D. Garner

No description

Mercantile pouting when your request is denied
Deprecate advantage by right of rank
Precious advertisement or promotion
Marvel goods which are bought and sold in trade
Impetuous to pray for misfortune for another
Arrogance an astonishing thing
Commercial acting with little thought
Competence relating to trade and business
Peculiarity something which is worthy of wonder
Pecuniary to judge the quality or worth of
Perpetuity conformity to what is proper and fitting in behavior
Merchandise to demand
Oracle one who has exclusive right to property
Admirable eternity
Appraise one who acts for another
Prerogative a judicial inquiry
Query certain, not disputed
Petulance to appropriate someone's property
Propriety to pray against, to strongly disapprove
Exorable to discontinue a legislative session
Prorogue required by the nature of the circumstances
Requisite Time information: Mon Mar 21 19:04:08 2005 Start Mon Mar 21 19:04:08 2005 Finish adequate ability
Proprietor an inquiry or question
Oration oddity
Imprecate an elaborate speech
Surrogate of great value
Confiscate monetary or financial in nature
Unquestionable full of pride
Inquest susceptible of persuasion by pleas
Require a divine revelation by a medium

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