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Greek/Latin Roots

S. Anderson

basic Greek and Latin roots

kinesis movement
pax vobiscum word, study
hydros sound (Lat.)
skopeo before, in front of
metron to put or place
deo gratias measure
phone fire (Gk.)
logos love, friendship
pro good word, a proverb
graph together
phobos turning
verbum forward, in place of
tropos fear
syn to put or place something
photos thanks to God
pyro word
nomen to look at, to examine
video to see
tele from the Roman god of fire
thesis light
prae name
thermos water (Lat.)
sonus heat
pono to draw or write
bonus peace be with you
verbum bonum with
philia fire (Lat.)
vulcanus sound (Gk.)
ignis good
cum far away
aqua water (Gk.)

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